What Danny DeVito Really Thinks of That Iconic Mean Girls Line – E! Online

For now, however, Sinclair—whose parents are DeVito and Rhea Perlman‘s artist daughter Grace, 38, and her husband Andy Giannakakis—only needs her grandfather to show up to be entertained.

“I come in, she grabs my glasses, she’s grabbing my face,” DeVito said, squeezing his own cheeks for emphasis. “It’s all that stuff. And what they say about that grandpa situation is really true. You have so much fun with the kiddo and then you pass it back to your daughter and your son-in-law.”

Still beaming, he added, “She’s crawling all over the place, she’s just about to pulling herself up to start walking, and it’s just a joy. The best.”

As for Perlman, still his wife of 42 years though they separated in 2017, “she’s a great mom and now she just can’t be happier as a grandma,” DeVito said. “You miss those little babies when they grow up. You love ’em”—Lucy, 40, Grace and son Jake, 36—”but boy, those little tiny feet…Get a nibble of that toe.”

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