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“I have not been using this product for several months but immediately bought when I saw the price. When I stopped using I noticed my jowls were starting to droop again. I have used this product for years and anxious to incorporate back into my daily routine.”

“This product keeps my face wrinkle free and smooth. I never go without it every morning! I use it after the conformer cream which smells like cake batter to me. I use all of the neuropeptide products, and at age 50, I have no wrinkles.”

“I have been using this product since it’s debute! My skin is pretty good for 62 years old. I call the cream liquid gold. As with anything it takes time.”

“For me, this is the best day cream. I’m 55 with normal skin, since I started using this (about 3 years) I’ve seen a difference overall. Minimized wrinkles, smooth skin and the perfect weight before applying foundation. Some creams are like glue and heavy and never soak in and nourish my skin this does it all for me.”

“I have been a Perricone lover for the last 6 years and I try all the new but always come back to this product! I have immediate success after just one application. My face appears smoother and looks so much younger! I can really see the change. I’m 60 and have been using this alone, day and night. Please Dr. Perricone never change this cream! It works and I have recommended it to everyone. You will not be disapointed!”

“I’m 37. I have a lot of skin damage from not using spf when I was younger and I tanned in a tanning bed for 8 yrs in my 20s. I used this the first time and in 3 minutes I LOOK 5-10 YRS YOUNGER. It was crazy. I can not even believe what I see in the mirror. My lines are smoothed out, my jawline is lifted and firmer, my crows feet are lifted and tightened, my cheeks are lifted and my smile tightened and younger looking, and the apples of my cheeks look so plump and full. I’ve only used it 2 days but I WILL NEVER LET MYSELF RUN OUT OF THIS PRODUCT. Now I have to try the night cream.”


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