Shawn Johnson East’s Tattoo Tribute to All 3 Kids Deserves a Perfect 10 – E! Online

Shawn Johnson East has vaulted into the world of body ink.

The Olympic gold medalist is now the owner of five new tattoos—four of which are dedicated to her husband Andrew East and their three children: daughter Drew Hazel, 4, and sons Jett James, 2, and Barrett “Bear” Madison, 1 month.

The 32-year-old showed off the new tats on her Instagram Stories Feb. 6, giving followers a look at the fresh ink on her arms that spells out her kids’ names. The “Drew Hazel” tattoo features a dreamy, cursive font, while the “Jett James” and “Bear Madison” tattoos have a blocker look, with Jett in lower case and Barrett in all caps. She also displayed a cursive “A” for Andrew on her shoulder.

Shawn rounded out her tattoo collection with a honeybee drawn on her wrist in honor Madison’s Reserve, the honey business she owns with her husband and his family.

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