Menopause drug Veozah accepted by FDA to deal with sizzling flashes

  • The Meals and Drug Administration has accepted Veozah (fezolinetant), a drug to deal with signs of menopause.
  • The drug, produced by Tokyo-headquartered Astellas Pharma, was discovered to considerably scale back sizzling flashes and evening sweats that accompany menopause.
  • Veozah is taken into account a significant improvement for menopause remedy as a result of hormonal remedy will not be viable for all sufferers.

The Meals and Drug Administration has accepted a once-a-day tablet for coping with uncomfortable sizzling flashes introduced on by menopause.

The brand new drug, Veozah (fezolinetant), differs from the standard remedy of boosting the hormones estrogen and progestin to scale back menopause signs, which embrace sweating, flushing and chills. Developed by Astellas Pharma, Veozah blocks a chemical within the mind referred to as neurokinin B (NKB), which regulates physique temperature.

“Scorching flashes on account of menopause could be a critical bodily burden on girls and impression their high quality of life,” mentioned Janet Maynard, director of the FDA’s Workplace of Uncommon Ailments, Pediatrics, Urologic and Reproductive Drugs, in a statement. “The introduction of a brand new molecule to deal with average to extreme menopausal sizzling flashes will present a further protected and efficient remedy possibility for girls.”

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