IDF releases video of Hamas gunman storming Israeli homes before he’s taken out

The Israel Defense Forces released footage from the perspective of a Hamas gunman who crossed the border into Israel and shot up homes of innocent civilians before he was taken out by Israeli security forces.

The IDF posted the three-minute clip — which appears to have been filmed by the militant’s body-worn camera — to X on Sunday along with a trigger warning.

“RAW FOOTAGE: Hamas jihadists squad invasion and killing spree of an innocent Israeli community,” the Israeli military captioned the video. “The filmed terrorist was neutralized by Israeli security forces.”

The footage shows heavily armed Hamas terrorists riding on motorized bikes through a cut opening in the border fence separating Gaza and southern Israel.

The militants fire guns as they pass by a security booth, which has a gunshot hole in its window, and then enter a neighborhood where they fire into civilians’ homes, according to the clip.

The gunman who is filming the attack shoots at a shadowy figure moving inside a home through the building’s screen door and then blasts a bullet through the tire of a parked ambulance, the edited video shows.

The gunman shoots at a shadowy figure moving inside a home through the house’s screen door.
The IDF posted the clip to X Sunday with the caption: “RAW FOOTAGE: Hamas jihadists squad invasion and killing spree of an innocent Israeli community.”

The terrorists walk past a children’s playground as they reload and shoot into families’ homes. They break into a home where music is still playing and a phone, tablet and drinks were left haphazardly on a dining table as they search for residents, according to the footage.

The video — which appears to be edited down and pieced together — ends with the Hamas fighters outside as the sound of gunfire fills the air. A gunshot rings out the filming terrorist yells out in pain and falls to the ground.

Several more gunshots can be heard in the clip as the man cries and reportedly exclaims “I bear witness that there is no God but Allah” in Arabic and the camera points upwards to a blue sky.

The IDF did not state when the video was filmed though it was presumably taken during Hamas’ heinous attack on an Israeli kibbutz where the terrorists slaughtered full families, including women and young children last Saturday, Oct. 7.

The IDF said the Hamas terrorist was “neutralized” and the clip ends with him being shot to death.
The Hamas fighters rode through a cut opening in the Gaza-Israel border fence on motorized bikes, according to the clip.

More than 1,400 people in Israel were killed in the ambush in which the militants targeted and brutalized innocent civilians.

Since then, the Israeli government has launched ruthless retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza that have killed 2,670 people — many of whom are believed to be innocent civilians and children.

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