How Gisele Bündchen Blocks Out the Noise on Social Media – E! Online


Gisele Bündchen has no time for negativity.

That’s why the supermodel has a timer on her phone to cap her social media usage, ensuring that she only uses it improve her mindfulness such as looking up cooking recipes and gathering home decor inspiration.

“I spend maybe an hour a week on social media,” Gisele—who is an ambassador for IWC Schaffhausen—exclusively told E! News at the luxury watch brand’s Art Basel event Dec. 8. “Otherwise, we become addicted to it. So, I think we have to be mindful of that.”

And same goes for son Benjamin, 14, and daughter Vivian, 11, who she shares with ex Tom Brady. As the 43-year-old explained, their kids’ access to social media is also limited so they can use their time wisely.

“Time is the most important thing you have—it’s your biggest currency,” Gisele put it. “If you fill your time with things that are mindful and that you intentionally choose, you would spend less time doing mindless things that are a waste of time.”


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