Dozens of husky puppies, mother found inside unlivable, abandoned Philadelphia home

Animal Protection Officers received more than they bargained for after assisting police on a call in Philadelphia where dozens of dogs were found inside an abandoned home.

According to a post on Facebook, ACCT Philly said officers responded to an abandoned home on Sunday and found the home filled with trash and feces, along with puppies, believed to be less than 2 weeks old, and the mother of the puppies desperate to protect them.

ACCT added that the floor was full of broken glass and stacked rusted cages.

The shelter posted that officers were able to get the mom, her newborns, the other teenage pups, the suspected dad and the pit mix and bring them to the shelter.

“Our kennels were already full, but as the only open intake animal shelter in Philadelphia, we can’t turn away cases like this simply due to space,” ACCT posted.

A shelter was able to rescue the dogs from the abandoned home.
ACCT Philly

Some of the dogs have found homes, but the rest still need to be adopted.
Some of the dogs have found homes, but the rest still need to be adopted.
ACCT Philly

The shelter added that the mom and her newborns have found a rescue, but the other dogs still need a place to call home.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting the dogs or to volunteer at ACCT, can do so by visiting their website.

ACCT Philly was not immediately available for comment.

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